Welcome to the CRI74 Health Initiative Site

Hello, and welcome to the CRI74 organization website, where we are planning to post the latest initiative details that we hope to get passed via the United Nations and in undeveloped countries. We work at an international level with schools in places like France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our initiative is inter-continental and thus many different languages are spoken, with French, English and Spanish being the primary languages our teams speak. Originally founded by school teachers and health caretakers, our team is going to be posting news about health initiatives and tips for healthy living.

Our aim is simple – get the best health tips published and turn them not just into information to be read on the internet, but actual programs at schools and in countries where a healthy lifestyle may not be possible due to socio-economic reasons. Let’s face it, when it comes to children or healthy living, there are many impoverished countries where these types of programs take a back seat to nefarious individuals only looking out for themselves.

Our team of dedicated health practitioners and workers are volunteers that want to make a better change in the world. By supporting the CRI74 health initiatives in your nation you are spreading the word about best practices for keeping a sanitary home, or even about getting important supplies to villages to help reduce the spread of disease.

If you are curious to learn more about our site, please check out the About Us page and if you want to contact us, use the form on the Contact Us page. While we are all volunteers and we will be posting on a wide variety of health related subjects, we hope you not only take the time to read our articles but to also share them in the world. If you are to, you are even welcome to submit pieces which can be considered for publication on our site.

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